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i have been around Euro cars all my adult life. the very first car i purchased was a 1990 Corrado G60, with a fully built stage IV Bahn Brenner motor. ran 36lbs of boost on that little motor and loved every moment i had with it. my only regret is that i sold it. fast forward to over the years and i have owned many European cars; ranging from my BMW 328i to my current car a 2016 VW GTI! many of you have seen my 2012 GLI as i was nominated as the December Dub of the Month for 2015! My wife currently drives a 2016 Tiguan R-Line with 4Motion and i absolutely love that car, and so does she as she will not let me touch her car hahaha.

who knows what my next car will be, but it will be a Euro car for sure.